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Paralegal Karen Fair

Legal Word of the Day: “Attorn”

Attorn – The act of formally transferring or turning over something to another party. The term is commonly used regarding the jurisdiction of the courts, or the transfer of real property to another owner. Attorning the jurisdiction of the courts, according to Justice Lang in M.J. Jones Inc. v. Kingsway General Insurance Co., “is well-accepted […]

Canadian Legal Issues

Bias, Name-Calling, Jailed Tenant: Paralegal-Scope Reported Cases

CanLII and CanLII Connects provide free access to Canadian legal information. Paralegal Scope is among the contributors chosen to add content to CanLII Connects, giving good legal writers significant exposure for their writing skills. These recent cases and summaries are directly related to the paralegal scope of practice:

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Real News, for Real Paralegals – Licensing, Tribunal Work & More

These curated news briefs are on-target for Ontario’s 7,000 licensed paralegals, from the only source of unbiased paralegal news and information. Follow Scope on Twitter and Facebook, for even more no-nonsense information. No fluff, no hidden advertorial. Just the news you need, from reliable sources.

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From the Paralegal Four Corners: Practice Updates

Paralegal scope of practice is much more than tickets and small claims. Whether looking to branch out into a new practice area, or stay relevant with your current client focus, explore what’s new and important to Ontario paralegals. Statutory Interpretation on Appeal of MPAC, Assessment Act In Young Men’s Christian Association of Greater Toronto v. […]

Provincial Court Update – Latest on Surcharges, Uber Challenge

POA Court: Victim Surcharge Update An Ottawa judge has upheld the federal Victim Surcharge. Justice Bruce Glass, of the Ontario Superior Court, ruled that the payment is neither a fine nor a punishment; rather, it is “merely a consequence of getting a conviction.” The case is R. v Tinker, Judge, Bondoc & Mead, 2015 ONSC […]

Janet Minor, LSUC Treasurer

40 Elected Lawyer Benchers – 2015 Election Results

The Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) has a new governing board for the 2015–19 bencher term, with the election of 40 lawyer benchers from a list of 95 candidates. “I’m very pleased to be re-elected. Lawyers throughout the province have elected a group of 40 benchers who are well-equipped to lead the Law Society […]

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