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Legal scams and scoundrels

Fines, Scam Alerts & Toilet Cams: Paralegal News Update

Scope’s carefully curated collections of news and information from around the legal world — these articles are selected from reliable sources, for their relevance to the profession. No fluff, no advertorials. Want breaking legal news? Visit Scope’s Facebook page and Twitter account. Enter terms in the search box to access more than 800 SCOPE articles, […]

Human Rights in Canada

Rights, Roads & Wrongs: CanLII Cases for Paralegals

CanLII Connects makes it faster and easier for legal professionals and the public to access high-quality legal commentary on Canadian court decisions. See Scope’s Publisher Page. Here are some recent cases of direct interest and use to paralegals in Ontario:

Canada Evidence Act – s. 31 Does Not Stand Alone

Paralegal Karen Fair summarizes a recent Ontario Court of Justice decision that considers whether and for what purpose electronic evidence may be admitted. In R. v. Mondor, 2014 ONCJ 135, Justice Mara Greene determines whether section 31 of the Canada Evidence Act allows the admission of electronic evidence for truth of its contents without complying […]

Legal Word of the Day: “And / Or”

“And / Or” — Appears between two or more persons, statements or things in a list. It can be read either conjunctively (connected) or disjunctively (separating). For example, “A and/or B” can be read as “A and B” or “A or B.” Robert Dick, in his book Legal Drafting in Plain Language, states that term […]

Reena Basser, Paralegal

Right On-Target: Paralegal Start-up Text

Paralegal and professor Reena Basser reviews Small Business and Practice Management for Paralegals, Rebecca Bromwich, (EMP, 2010). Unlike other products on the market, this textbook is written with the paralegal in mind, rather than small business overall. Written for both students and new licensees, the textbook outlines the steps involved in starting-up, including the legal […]

Paralegal Professionals

Client Interviews: The Gentle Art of Getting to the Heart – Book Review

Interviewing is an art. It takes time and vigilance to become an excellent interviewer, and stay that way. In Interviewing Skills for Legal Professionals, 2004, Doug Cochran points out that excellent interviews save time and money, ensure that a client’s legal matter progresses efficiently, prevents costly mistakes, and is an expression of professionalism. Customer service […]

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