Cars, Cash & Condos: Scope-Related Bills at Queen’s Park

MPP Jagmeet Singh


Paralegal practice is guided primarily by provincial legislation, covering everything from rules of the court, to defining elements of offences, and how traffic tickets are prosecuted.

Several pieces of Ontario legislation have been introduced or passed in the past few months which, if enacted, would affect large areas of practice. Here are some current Bills and new Acts that paralegals may wish to keep an eye on, or make a presentation to the relevant Legislative Committee:

  • May 27, the province introduced Bill 106, Protecting Condominium Owners Act, 2015. It would create two new authorities, notably a new tribunal to take disputes out of court. Other highlights:
    • Clearer, more comprehensive rules to prevent owners from being surprised by unexpected costs after buying a newly-built condo
    • A new Condominium Authority to provide quicker, lower-cost dispute resolution and help prevent common disputes
    • Strong financial management rules for condo corporations to help prevent financial and organizational mismanagement
    • Better governance requirements for condo boards, including training for condo directors
    • Mandatory licensing and education requirements for condominium managers
  • The Ontario Immigration Act has passed. The government says it will help the province maximize the economic benefits of immigration, by attracting more skilled immigrants.
  • Ontario has introduced legislation that would amend three separate acts affecting workers, saying the changes would injured employees’ rights are protected. The Employment and Labour Statute Law Amendment Act, 2015 would make amendments to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, the Fire Prevention and Protection Act and the Public Sector Labour Relations Transition Act.

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