Call for Input: Community Legal Clinics

Photo: Vancouver Sun

Photo: Vancouver Sun

A project that started last year is branching-out, looking for better ways to provide legal services to low-income households.

Sixteen legal clinics have joined the GTA Clinic Transformation Project. They want to hear from front line staff, community members and service participants from the west end of the City and the 905.

Six community legal clinics in Toronto worked together last year to find ways to improve access to justice for low-income communities. They talked with front-line staff, clients, community leaders, and legal clinic staff across Ontario and around the world.

With an innovation grant from Legal Aid Ontario, the clinics analyzed different structures they could use to serve low-income people better. They wanted to know which changes would improve access to justice for people living on low incomes.

The clinics identified barriers to access and developed new ideas for the community legal clinic system. Now those ideas are being re-examined by clinics from across the Greater Toronto Area, with input from front line staff, clients and communities.

The project’s website is:

Visit to explore the material already gathered and offer insight.

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