By-laws, Reality Checks, Defences: New Scope-related Content at CanLII, Connects

Legal Information

CanLII Connects makes it faster and easier for legal professionals and the public to access high-quality legal commentary on Canadian court decisions. See Scope’s Publisher Page. Here are some recent cases of direct interest and use to paralegals in Ontario:

  • “The weight of the corporate veil: It will be lifted with only the strongest tools”
  • Making “scents” of “substantially the same” – B.C. lawyer loses a real stinker of a case
  • Gotcha! Court of Appeal clarifies scope of disclosure requirements, to avoid “trials by ambush”
  • Disclosure of injured Plaintiff’s social media, computer, and casino-attendance data – the test for production of Facebook records
  • Reader comments, liability and the misapprehension of “just an opinion” – ignoring defamatory online comments can be costly
  • Discrimination based on family status, breach of the duty of good faith and other employment-related issues
  • “So You Got Punched by a Cop” – In court! Commentary on a case that includes issue estoppel and res judicata, which may be decided at the Supreme Court
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