Brockville-area Quarry Fined in Worker Death


Brockville-based aggregate producer, G. Tackaberry & Sons Construction Company Ltd., has been fined $110,000 for a violation of Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). A worker was killed in 2012 after being crushed at a mine near Athens, Ont.

On Oct. 29, 2012, a work crew was preparing to dismantle a mobile rock crushing “stacker” at the company’s Woods Quarry, a surface mine in Elizabeth-Kitley Township. The stacker conveyor belt was 120 feet long and 36 feet high at one end. A belt restraint bar on the stacker prevented the head frame from being fully lowered.

A crew member lifted another worker to up the head frame, using a front-end loader. The worker climbed between the partially folded head and centre frames, to access a pin securing the belt restraint bar. A Ministry of Labour investigation found that it is likely the worker accidentally made contact with a main hydraulic fitting. With no blocking material in place between the head frame and the centre frame, the head frame collapsed on the worker, who later died from the crushing injuries.

G. Tackaberry & Sons Construction Company pleaded guilty to failing, as an employer, to ensure that the stacker conveyor’s head frame was blocked, as required by the OHSA, Section 25(1)(c), Ontario Regulation 854/90, Mining Regulation.

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  1. Tracey Gauley · ·

    Great article. Safety in the workplace is not just about keeping the public at large safe, but also to keep ourselves safe in our day to day duties. Generally speaking, that’s what company policies and procedures are for – put in place to protect us. They must be read, understood and adhered to by all employees in order to be effective and to keep us safe.

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