Brian Lawrie – Election Statement

When elected, I will focus on the following items:



      • Maintain regular communication between the PSC and licensed paralegals.
      • Develop ways to increase public and potential paralegal employer awareness of the role, relevancy and availability of the licensed paralegal to work within the legal and lay environments.
      • Establish strict and uniform paralegal education standards to ensure each graduate has the technical knowledge required to succeed in the marketplace.
      • Investigate and implement new ways to encourage the mentoring of graduates.
      • Review the exemption process to ascertain any negative impact on the profession as a whole and, if any exists, provide a remedy.
      • Identify the degree of acceptance of the licensed paralegal within the legal system itself and, where deficient, address and remedy same.
      • Support all reasonable initiatives designed to enhance or expand the scope of practice.

I have consistently pressed for professional recognition and rights for paralegals. I have worked on government initiatives, and served with the Paralegal Standing Committee as an Attorney General’s appointee. I remain as dedicated today as I was when I first set out to ensure the public has access to competent, affordable legal representation.

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