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Photo: Go Ask Alice

Photo: Go Ask Alice

In its December Paralegal Update, the Law Society reminds paralegals to make sure all their advertising complies with the Paralegal Rules of Conduct.

Website content is the responsibility of the paralegal, even the site is managed by a third party. Among the problems that can arise:

  • Advertising legal services that are outside of the scope of paralegal permitted practice
  • Advertising that is false, misleading or disparaging to other licensees
  • Exaggerating one’s experience or success rates, providing guarantees, comparisons with other licensees

Rules 8.02(2) (a), Rule 8.02(3) and Rule 8.03 apply to advertising. Check By-law 4 for the permissible paralegal scope of practice. If you are not sure whether your ad or website comply with the Rules and By-laws, call the Law Society’s Practice Management Helpline: 416-947-3315 or 1-800-668-7380, ext. 3315.

To have your website content reviewed and edited, contact:


  1. What gets my goat is when you key in a web search looking for paralegals or lawyers in a particular geographic area, you get re-routed to a registered domain name. I thought we were not allowed to name our businesses such as Toronto Paralegal – implying the one and only, so how come this doesn’t apply to domain names?

    I have seen the same re-routing done with small claims court and provincial offences even the Licensed Paralegals Association website… someone registered a similar site and it you are not careful you get the spelled similar’s website.

    One paralegal I know registered over a 1000 domain names just to protect the public from this quirk.

  2. @angela: how about “”

    1. To register that domain name through CIRA, one would need to send documents that show the Registrant is “Joe Blow” and/or in a position of authority with an organization or business operating legally as “Joe Blow Law,” and with a Canadian address or business presence.

      More importantly, to have the domain name contact information changed, the name sold, or administrative changes made — the Registrant would have to provide government documents to prove his identity is “Joe Blow” or business name is “Joe Blow Law.” It is possible to do, but just… Taking domain name registration too lightly can lead to a whole lot of trouble down the road, with LSUC By-Laws being only one issue.

  3. Angela Browne · ·

    I’ve always wondered about people that post websites like “” and they are not lawyers, but paralegals. To me, this is misleading.

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