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How influential is the CanLII CEO?

Colin Lachance is among the 25 most-influential lawyers in Canada, according to Canadian Lawyer Magazine.

In the “Changemakers” category, Lachance is recognized for his leadership with CanLII, Canada’s largest open law web site. The non-profit organization “has changed the way the legal community and the broader public access law as well as disrupting the traditional legal information world,” the magazine notes.

“Lachance also launched CanLII Connects in April this year, which provides thousands of free, plain English legal commentaries on Canadian court decisions.”

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    Sounds Too Good to Be True? Check for Fraud

    Out of the blue, a prospective client sends an email asking you to help with a debt collection. They need help, fast, and are prepared to pay extra for the last-minute work. The debtor pays in full, right after you send a letter. What easy money for little effort, you think, as you write a cheque to the client.

    But all that glitters… That cheque was fraudulent and the paralegal will be left with a shortfall in the trust account.


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    ‘Roving Punishment,’ Victim Surcharge Unconstitutional, Ottawa Judge Finds

    Mandatory fine surcharges are unconstitutional, an Ottawa judge has ruled.

    Ontario Court Justice David Paciocco found that the surcharge amounted to “cruel and unusual punishment” in the case of an addicted homeless Inuit man whom he had convicted of nine summary offences related to three separate “nuisance” incidents.

    Judge Paciocco wrote that under a “reasonable hypothetical,” the mandatory victim surcharge would represent a sentence “so grossly disproportionate that it would outrage the standards of decency.” He found that Section 737 prima facie violates Section 12 of the Charter, the violation is not saved by Section 1, and the legislation is of no force or effect.

Paralegal Resources & Information Sources

Practise Makes Perfect – Exam Prep Test

    Just in time for the upcoming Paralegal Licensing Exams, a new online resource from a familiar name could help paralegal Candidates to feel more confident and prepared as they head into the examination room.

    Emond Montgomery Publications, widely regarded as one of Canada’s leading academic law publishers, has developed a timed practise exam for paralegal Candidates. The 60 questions are designed to mimic the Ontario Paralegal Licensing Exam.

    Reflecting the format and content of the Ontario Paralegal Licensing Exam, the online practice exam assesses a student’s knowledge of the Paralegal Rules of Professional Conduct, Paralegal Professional Conduct Guidelines, the Law Society Act and By-Laws, and the Bookkeeping Guide for Paralegals.

    Apply Knowledge of Core Areas

    The questions are designed to assess knowledge in core areas, including professionalism, ethics and practice management, and ability to apply those in various practical scenarios.

    The exam includes a timer, prominently displayed in the top-left corner of the screen, so Candidates can see how long it took to answer the 60 questions. This lets Candidates track their progress, and offers a benchmark for how quickly they need to answer questions during the Licensing Examination. Correct answers, with an explanation and connection to the Rules that apply, are provided for each question.

    Candidates can access their results, review the answer explanations, and re-take the 60 practise questions, as many times as they want, up until the date of the exam.

    Familiar Name, New Products

    Emond Montgomery has been in business since 1978, providing law school casebooks and paralegal texts to students across Canada. Students registered in accredited paralegal programs are likely to be already familiar with EMP’s quality resources. The publisher also offers exam preparation support for legal accreditation in Ontario, including practise exams for the Ontario Barrister and Solicitor exams.

    Additional resources and preparation materials are being added, so check their current offerings to see what’s new.

    The special introductory price of $29 is valid until Aug.12, 2014. Regular price: $49.

    Learn more about the practice exam at Emond Montgomery’s Exam Prep page.

      Emond Montgomery Publications is a proud sponsor of Paralegal SCOPE Magazine.


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