May 17, 2013 – OPN CPD, Mock Trial

Training Symbol

Training Symbol

Friday’s event brought together well-known advocacy experts to dissect “The Anatomy of a Case,” culminating in a Mock Trial, at the North York Central Library.

Speakers for the 3:30 – 11 pm event included: Deputy Judge Allan Mintz, Darryl Singer, Stanley Razenberg, Susan Koprich, George Brown and Gail Mahadeo. Singer acted as judge for the Mock Trial.

Attendees saw a case evolve, from client intake, to conflict checks, research, advocacy, disclosure, pleadings, settlement conference, and the stages in a mock trial. Advocacy elements included: dos and don’ts of basic advocacy; confidentiality; fee splitting; referrals; joint retainers; case law research and drafting pleadings.

This event is presented by the Ontario Paralegal Network and CPD On-time.

Learn more about CPD On-time events at CPD On-time site.

The LSUC-accredited CPD event offered 1.5 Professionalism 5 Substantive Hours.

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