Alberta Small Claims Going Up – $50k Limit


The Provincial Court of Alberta’s civil claims limit will increase from $25,000 to $50,000 on August 1.

According to the provincial government, the increase means Albertans will have greater access to the Provincial Court. Other changes will ensure more timely and cost-effective resolution of civil claims using a “more simplified and user-friendly process.”

To help Albertans resolve their civil legal disputes, a Provincial Court pilot project will direct civil claims disputes into appropriate resolution tracks. This will help Albertans with straightforward civil legal matters, whose cases can benefit from early intervention, resolve their claim efficiently and effectively, the government says.

It will also ensure the full complement of the Court’s services and resources are available for more complicated cases. The pilot project begins this fall in Edmonton and Calgary.

Terrence Matchett, Chief Judge of the Provincial Court of Alberta, said, “The increase in the financial jurisdiction of our Court to $50,000 and the Court’s decision to implement resolution tracks will, together with existing dispute resolution mechanisms, enable more people to access our Court to resolve their civil disputes in a timely and cost-effective manner.”

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  1. I only hope that Ontario follows suit.

  2. Ontario is usually on the forefront of change, I know I read of discussions to increase the amount to 50K but it would seem they ought to speed it up.

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