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Paralegal SCOPE has the great benefit of contributions from the legal community. These professionals help to keep SCOPE content lively, current and wide-ranging, reflecting the varied backgrounds, interests and practice areas of licensees and candidates.



Paralegal Reena Basser, B.A., M.A., is a professor at Humber and Seneca colleges, in their legal programs.

She reviews books with useful tips for paralegals.


Suzanne Bemrose (Godden) is an Oshawa-area paralegal. Reach Suzanne at:

Bellum Legal
Paralegal Services


Kevin Birmingham is a recently licensed paralegal focusing on Landlord & Tenant and Small Claims Court issues. Contact Kevin:

    k.g.Birmingham Legal Services
    503-7700 Hurontario St., Suite 238
    Brampton ON L6Y 4M3

    Tel: 416-316-9955 | Fax: 647-557-3355 |


Kristin Bisbee has a diverse background in law and business. Her legal research skills were honed while working with influential paralegals throughout Toronto. Kristin is a firm believer in access to justice and volunteers with the Ontario Justice Education Network (OJEN) and Yellow Brick House.

    Contact Kristin:

    t: 416-519-2200
    f: 647-346-1213


    Minda Bowman, B.A., is a Licensed Paralegal, Mediator, Mentor and Legal Program Instructor. A passionate educator, she is a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada. Minda operates Ceasefire Dispute Resolution, focusing on negotiation, mediation and arbitration of small claims court matters.


Simon Brown is a Newmarket paralegal whose services include Small Claims Court litigation, Landlord/Tenant matters and Provincial Offences. His thoroughly researched writing appears in SCOPE and on his own business website.

Visit Simon’s website to learn more about Simon’s services.



Karen Fair is a graduate of the Bachelor of Applied Arts –
Paralegal Studies degree program at Humber College.



patricia-gallagherPatricia Gallagher is a paralegal, operating Erie Shores Paralegal Services:

      Phone: 519-890-4674
      Fax: 1-226-773-0150
      Web Site



Shawn Gallimore is a member of the Law Society of New Brunswick and a freelance legal researcher. He is interested in Ontario’s paralegal licensing scheme and small claims practice.



Tracey Gauley is a paralegal working with the Toronto firm, Johnstone & Cowling LLP.

Tracey is an active volunteer with several paralegal organizations.


Andrew Hyland

Andrew Hyland is an Oshawa paralegal. Andrew maintains a wide-ranging practice at Veritas Legal Services.

    Contact Andrew: or call 905-240-5805

Ana Katalinic 1

Ana Katalinic operates a wide-ranging practice, Advance Paralegal Professional Corporation.

She has more than 15 years’ experience in the legal field, including work at the United Nations War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands. A member of the Canadian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce, she also translates Croatian.


Elizabeth LeReverend, SCOPE Publisher, is a paralegal who brings decades of reporting and research expertise to her legal work.

Elizabeth draws on her communications and research expertise to make SCOPE a reliable and helpful source of information. She has conducted research, written case summaries, produced articles for legal publications such as RegQuest and CanLII Connects, and edited documents for other legal service providers.

She writes primarily at Paralegal SCOPE Magazine.


    Baruch Lipinsky, B. A.(Hons.), M. I., is a paralegal and legal assistant in Toronto.



Scott McEachern is a sole-proprietor paralegal in the Oshawa area. Scott works primarily in the Small Claims Court, focusing on disputes involving contractors, and cases involving intentional torts.

Visit Scott’s business site to learn more about his Durham-Region practice.


Dan McIntyre is a senior paralegal in Toronto.

Read more about Dan McIntyre Paralegal and Consulting Services at his website. He can be reached at 416-907-9085.



Paralegal Ben Peterson maintains a wide-ranging practice that includes provincial offences, small claims and landlord-tenant issues. Contact Ben at:

    Peterson Legal Services

    Phone (416) 885-4607 | Fax (888) 927-1879

    Twitter: @PetersonLegal1

Judit Schonwald Legal

Judit Schonwald is a paralegal polyglot who blogs at

Judit can be reached at:

    251 Consumers Road
    Suite 1200
    North York, ON M2J 4R3
    Tel: (416) 774-2451

Photo: Darryl Singer

Darryl Singer is a Toronto Barrister and Solicitor, peer counsellor and mentor, who also teaches and is a popular CPD presenter.

Reach Darryl at:

    Unit C, Evergold Centre
    3833 Midland Avenue
    Toronto ON M1V 5L6
    Tel: 416-628-4926 x401
    Fax: 647-723-3470

James G. Wigmore

James G. Wigmore

Jim Wigmore, Forensic scientist, is a leading author (Wigmore on Alcohol: Courtroom Alcohol Toxicology for the Medicolegal Professional), speaker, lecturer, expert witness, blogger and CPD presenter. He writes about forensic toxicology and uses his retirement to bring together stakeholders of the medicolegal community.

Visit his blog:

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