Abdul Gabbar Khan’s Licence Revoked

The Law Society of Upper Canada has revoked Guelph paralegal Abdul Gabbar Khan’s licence, after finding him guilty of professional misconduct.

According to the Law Society’s “Latest Orders and Dispositions,” on Aug. 23, Khan was found to have engaged in professional misconduct, related to four clients and to the Law Society. Khan has five years to pay $73,027 in costs to the Law Society.

A disciplinary panel found that Khan had undertaken to provide legal services outside the permissible scope of practice, when he accepted a retainer and attended court on a charge of “Over 80,” a super-summary offence. He told the panel the Law Society had advised him that he was able to act in the matter.

The panel also found: Khan had failed to perform services undertaken on behalf of a client; put a stop-payment on a retainer refund cheque; and failed to be honest when advising a client that all criminal charges had been withdrawn at a bail hearing, among other misconduct.

Khan was licensed in 2008. His licence had been suspended in 2011, when he failed to co-operate with an investigation.

Khan told the Guelph Mercury that his correspondence law studies have been curtailed. He said he served his clients to the best of his ability and wants to continue a legal career. “I believe I am good at what I do,” the paper quotes Khan. “I did what I could.”

Law Society of Upper Canada v. Abdul Gabbar Khan, 2013 ONLSHP 117 (CanLII)

All orders and dispositions are available at the Law Society site, listed alphabetically.

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