Professional Misconduct – Paralegal Licence Revoked


Mississauga paralegal John Blackburn has had his licence revoked, for professional misconduct.


The Tribunal found that Blackburn failed to:

  • Serve two clients in a conscientious and diligent manner when he failed to attend court for the trials in their matters
  • Deposit retainer funds received from two clients into a trust account
  • Deliver an account to two clients


The Law Society Tribunal – Hearing Division ordered that Blackburn’s licence is revoked and that he pay costs of $16,927.

An earlier decision had suspended Blackburn’s licence for three months. He had been licensed in 2010, after a good character hearing. He had operated Traffic Ticket Solutions.

The Law Society Tribunal is an independent adjudicative tribunal within the Law Society of Upper Canada, consisting of staff and appointed adjudicators. It processes, hears and decides regulatory cases about Ontario lawyers and paralegals, in the public interest.

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