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“Latent Defect” — A defect in material, workmanship and so on. A latent defect poses a liability issue if it can be shown that it was known to the seller and not disclosed to the buyer, especially in the sale of a home. A defect can be “patent,” or obvious to both vendor and purchaser, […]


Paul J. Fudge, the founder and long-standing owner/operator of Paul J. Fudge Bailiff and Landlord Agent business in Kingston, has announced that the “landlord agent” operations of his business have been sold to James Moak Professional Corporation. “As many know, I have been considering semi-retirement for some time,” Mr. Fudge said. “The acquisition of the […]


Recent fines under the Occupational Health and Safety act include matters involving death and serious burns. Worker Killed Monaghan Mushrooms Ltd., of Campbellville, pleaded guilty to failing to take reasonable precautions for the safety of workers and was fined $140,000. Judge Richard J. LeDressay laid the fine April 8 in Ontario Court of Justice, Burlington. […]


Paralegal SCOPE contributor Minda Bowman writes a “paralegal advice” column, based on questions about ethical dilemmas, client management tips and sticky issues that simply are not addressed in typical courses or CPDs. This question is about what to do when a colleague refuses to pay for work performed. Dear Minda: Another paralegal subcontracted several cases […]


People have been asking how they can keep up with SCOPE and make sure they are up-to-date with important news and information. This online magazine is available all day, every day. SCOPE is ready when you are. Every page at SCOPE includes a “Subscribe” link. Click that link and enter your email address to receive […]


In less than two weeks, CanLII Connects, a new project from the free online legal research provider, is already making it easier for people to get useful legal information when they need it. Since CanLII Connect’s public launch April 4, engagement with the site has outpaced the organization’s expectations. CanLII Connects was created to make […]

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Daily court information is now accessible from a Ministry of the Attorney General online service. The service, which went online this morning, was developed to make it easier for people to find out where and when they need to go to court. It includes Superior and Ontario Courts of Justice, listed by jurisdiction, type of […]


This is a “Paralegal success story.” The plot line: how I used skills and experience to create a unique product that benefits my new profession as a legal services provider, and reached close to 100,000 people in one year.   When I spoke recently at a college Career Prep Day, I used the “5Ws” of […]


  Paralegals will be able to electronically file more documents, including writs of seizure and sale under the Rules of Civil Procedure, after discussions between the government and the Law Society of Upper Canada.   The changes take effect July 1. Two regulations that affect paralegals are: O. Reg. 43/14 (RCP amendment regulation) O. Reg. […]

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Is it discriminatory to discriminate against an organization that discriminates in the name of religion? That is one element at the core of an extraordinary debate today at the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC). The law society, which regulates the legal profession in Ontario on behalf of the public, chose to hold the public, […]

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Paralegal SCOPE Magazine is among a select group of contributors to a new content area at CanLII — the Canadian Legal Information Institute. CanLII Connects provides context, case summaries and commentary on the repository of legal cases listed with the free service. Launched April 4, CanLII Connects draws on the goodwill of the legal community […]


Litigator and Paralegal SCOPE contributor Darryl Singer explains a decision that affects paralegals whose practice includes judgment enforcement and Provincial Offences. The corporation that operates the 407 ETR toll highway is the focus of one of the more significant bankruptcy decisions rendered in the last several years by the Court of Appeal for Ontario. The […]

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“Responsible Communication” — A relatively new defence to defamation, established by the Supreme Court of Canada in 2009. In Grant v. Torstar Corp., 2008 ONCA 796 (CanLII), the court created the defence of responsible communication on matters of public interest. The defence focuses on the diligent conduct of reporters and editors in trying to verify […]


Look for new faces on the bench starting Wed., April 16, on Ontario Courts of Justice across the province. Chief Justice Annemarie E. Bonkalo made the appointments, which were announced recently and include: Justice John F. Adamson Justice Adamson was called to the bar in 1990 and has practised criminal law for 22 years. Justice […]